4 Ways to Staff Your Business for Growth

Do you know the key to driving sustainable business growth? It’s not intricate sales funnels, innovative technology, or a favorable economic climate (though these things certainly help). Thriving brands are able to succeed because of their workforce. Building an ecosystem of incredibly talented workers is crucial for fueling forward progression in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape.

Unplanned growth can actually be detrimental to your organization – causing miscommunication, disorganization, and, ultimately, negatively impacting your bottom line. Circumventing these issues is simple: proactively plan for growth via strategic and targeted hiring initiatives. From the integrity of your company culture to meeting business objectives, the success of your company relies on staffing your business for growth.

Here are four things to consider when incorporating hiring into your growth strategy.

Prioritize Recruiting & Be Proactive

Seasonality and fluctuations in open positions shouldn’t be the only times in which recruitment is prioritized. When frustrations are already running high and your business is short-staffed, it will take valuable time and resources away from moving the needle forward on bigger picture initiatives. Instead, develop a strategic hiring plan that aligns with your company’s long-term business goals.

All too often, organizations place an emphasis on hiring when they are striving to scale their business. This “reactive” mindset, however, typically causes management to make knee-jerk hiring decisions. A well-thought-out recruitment plan uses a forward-thinking mentality, considering the company’s objectives over the next 6 months, 12 months, and beyond. With this information in mind, your business can implement a hiring strategy that targets high-level candidates who share the company’s values and vision, and possess the skills needed to propel forward momentum.

Maintain Brand Visibility

In today’s cut-throat job market, it’s imperative to cultivate a powerful and compelling employer brand. According to Hubspot, “A good employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28%, and cut your costs-per-hire by half.” In other words, your employer brand can directly impact your company’s bottom line.

Job posts alone are no longer enough to attract today’s top candidates. You need to use all the tools at your disposal, leveraging platforms like social media and your careers page to engage candidates and communicate your company’s “why.” From videos of your internal culture and thought-provoking articles to spotlighting staff members and sharing photos from company events, hiring the right people starts with effectively connecting with your audience and communicating the brand mission. Consistency is key. These efforts will help you plant the seeds needed to attract high-level, growth-minded candidates.

Set Expectations & Nurture Growth

How is your business measuring up to the competition? Whether you actively conduct market research or leverage a recruitment firm for market insights, it’s imperative to have a firm grasp on the types of perks, benefits, culture, and compensation candidates are looking for and companies in your industry are offering. This knowledge will help you craft an offer and value proposition that stands out from the crowd.

Similarly, investing in skill development will nurture talent, ensure skillsets remain up-to-date, and encourage staff to continuously grow and expand their roles. Professional development is not only crucial for decreasing attrition, but it’s an essential piece of fostering creativity and innovation – elements that drive upward mobility for your company.

Stay Flexible

The most successful leaders are ones that remain agile and adjust their hiring process to accommodate ever-evolving needs. Utilizing an augmented staffing strategy is an effective way to increase capacity, minimize costs and administrative burden, and tap into a pipeline of quality talent.

From technical resources to HR support, MercuryHub can help support your organization and drive forward momentum. To learn more about our staffing solutions and how we can create a customized strategy designed to help your business thrive, contact the MercuryHub team today.

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