Benefits of Contract and Staff Augmentation: A Case Study

What is Contract and Augmentation Staffing?

One of the most important investments a company can make is in its people. They are the backbone and support a company needs in order to thrive and become successful in its market. Recently, hiring and finding highly qualified professionals who fit your company's culture has become increasingly difficult. To counter these constraints and changes, many companies elect to hire contractors and use staffing agencies to fill these much-needed roles or to assemble a specialized project team. MercuryHub is a professional staff augmentation firm that has adept professionals with extensive experience working with clients in many different areas. These areas range from change management to employee learning and development. It is not just a basic staffing agency, but is a firm that can deliver specialized and knowledgeable resources who have the expertise and experience to have an impact faster than an employee. In this article, we will cover two specific case studies on how MercuryHub can handle your resource needs.

Contract and Staff Augmentation Case Studies

In both of the below case studies, clients had very specific needs requiring both expertise and culture fit, proven capabilities, and short turnaround times.

Classic Cost Savings Initiative


A Client in the software industry had a position that needed to be filled but was unable to bring on a full-time employee due to a hiring freeze. In addition, they had a culture dilemma: if an employee were to be hired, the employee would have to be let go after the project's competition in two to three months. This would have gone against the company's focus on long-term employee retention.

MercuryHub's Solution

Provide the needed resource quickly and with up-front expectations on the limits of the project length. A vetted and senior professional with extensive experience and industry knowledge was presented and selected for the project. The individual was able to get up to speed on the task required in less than two weeks and complete the project within the 3-month timeline.

  1. Time – the client was able to complete the project within the normal time it would have taken to recruit and onboard a new employee. Statistics show many new employees can take as much as three months before becoming acclimated and useful.
  2. Direct Labor Costs and Resources Savings - On average, this client's recruiting costs $4,500 per new hire and onboarding can add another $3,000.

The MercuryHub solution delivered the project on time at a cost savings without the culture conflict of hiring and then releasing an employee.

Speed to Produce Case Study


A client requested a specialized team of consultants to explore a new service in the automotive industry in order to leverage the company's manufacturing dominance and turn it into a competitive differentiation. This team needed to be operational quickly and perform in a market where the client was lagging.

MercuryHub's Solution

Deliver a specialized team of three highly qualified individuals with extensive automotive technology background and strategy experience. Also, all three had past experiences that enabled them to fit the working culture of the client. As a result, all three members were able to be onboarded and impact the project within two weeks. After which, the team was able to leverage their background and unique skills to redefine the business models that would best utilize the clients manufacturing power to implement new technologies and software for future vehicles. Our client stated, "With new employees, the recruiting and onboarding process renders an employee 'useless' for the first few months of his or her time with a company. With MercuryHub, the specialized team was operational within weeks and provided new approaches and unique strategies (due to their background and industry insights) before an employee could have been effective."

  1. Time – The team was able to successfully deliver new business strategies faster than our client could hire and onboard an employee.
  2. Since the team was so successful, the client elected to retain two of the team members to perform testing of these new technologies and software to ensure that they worked within the information eco-systems, mobile apps, and telematics. It took only two days to train the team and two weeks for the team to complete the project.
  3. In addition, the team was able to demonstrate its strategic experience by developing their own rating system and product testing plan.
  4. Finally, throughout the Operations Trial, the team was able to visit four client locations but were flexible enough to visit a fifth location and provide extra help as needed.

MercuryHub's professional staff augmentation solution was able to save substantial time, completed the project well ahead of expected schedule and created enormous value-add in less time than hiring, onboarding and training new employees for the project. We delivered faster and with great impact to our clients' bottom line.


MercuryHub's proven approach to serving clients drives direct cost savings and enables faster onboarding, hiring of specialized teams, availability of experienced and vetted professionals all with aligned culture fit. Let us help you, contact us at

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