Hiring for Culture Fit Remotely

As many companies are finding out, hiring in the age of COVID 19 presents many unique challenges, from candidate pipelines to interview logistics and onboarding. One of the more interesting challenges is how to evaluate candidates for culture fit when you cannot easily meet them in person. Culture fit is more important than many people realize, with lack of culture fit and mismatched interpersonal skills accounting for up to 89% of new hire failures according to a Leadership IQ study. However, hiring teams unused to the challenge of hiring for culture fit often have difficulty knowing what they should be doing during the interview process to gauge proper fit for a company’s culture. We put together a best practices guide covering four strategies for evaluating culture fit based on many years of hiring and managing employees remotely. In this guide you will learn how to:

Use Video Chat Effectively

Evaluating culture fit without meeting individuals in person can be tricky, but there are several ways you and your team can utilize video calls to make effective assessments.

Ask the Right Questions

Finding the right fit requires asking the right questions that challenge candidates and provide meaningful answers. Interviewers need to move beyond basic behavior and experience questions to be effective.

Pay Attention to Responses

We have found that many teams interviewing candidates don't actually do a thorough job of listening closely to responses and using answers to dig in further. This is a cricial skill to truly getting at the root of a person's personality and fit.

Use Scenarios to Assess Behaviors

Choosing the right "what if" scenarios can not only provide excellent insight into how candidates think and act in workplace situations, but also provide a strong baseline for assessing responses across multiple candidates.

We have collected examples, tips, and steps you can use for each of these categories. Head over to our Best Practices Guide Download Page to learn more.

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