It`s an Employee Hiring Market, How Do You Win?

Finding a winning strategy in today’s competitive hiring market comes down to making decisions that will leverage your brand, increase awareness and connection to your mission, vision, and culture, and provide opportunities for new and existing staff to evolve with the organization. The right strategy is ever-changing and requires a distinct blend of HR skills and recruitment metrics. If you’re looking to improve your talent acquisition and retention strategies and processes, we have some key guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Boost Your Brand Awareness

A workplace culture that provides a sense of diversity and inclusion, safety and stability, clarity on employer mission and vision, and connection and communication is achievable whether your staffing is working in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid or augmented staffing model.

When you create a culture that is on-brand with your mission, and your staff is satisfied, those employees become a resource to elevate your brand for prospective new hires. Look at incoming candidates as consumers that see your organization as valuable and aligned with their purpose.

Build and leverage brand authority and promote the advancements your organization has made by partnering with organizations that publicly recognize and endorse your brand to prospects in the online space.

2. Leverage Data and Metrics in your Hiring and Retention Processes

When hiring managers use combined data and metrics to inform their hiring decisions, from streamlining and automating recruitment processes to identifying the highest quality candidates, they save time and increase productivity and success rates.

Beyond hiring and onboarding, use emerging data through performance reviews and employee dashboards to make adjustments and refine your retention strategy. Understanding what your workforce requires from you should be prioritized in order to retain your staff and create more flexibility in the workplace.

3. Retain and Promote from Within

This isn’t a new strategy by any means, but a satisfied staff will grow and evolve with you and free up your bandwidth to refine your other hiring strategies and tools.

Employee benefits and perks combined with a culture strategy are mandatory in today’s environment. Employers need to appeals to both existing resources as well as new hires to create an environment where you not only hire top talent but also retain top talent.

Consider investing in digital, in-person, and hybrid training that taps into a variety of learning modalities to improve outcomes and employee performance and satisfaction.

4. Be Adaptable

In today’s market, business leaders need to be primed for variability and ready to make modifications to hiring processes based on ever-developing conditions. Consider using augmented staffing strategies to create breathing room and increase capacity for solutions from HR support to technical resources and beyond.

MercuryHub can provide support across all of these areas and more. To learn more about our permanent and temporary staffing models, and to get the tools you need to win in today’s hiring market, contact MercuryHub today.

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