How to Conduct Effective Performance Reviews for Remote Teams

2020 has completely disrupted the internal workings and strategic initiatives for businesses across the globe. Now that companies have settled into a new rhythm and are beginning to implement new goals designed to help them flourish in a remote working environment, it’s important for leaders to still prioritize employee performance reviews.

Without the existence of remote employee performance reviews, workers can easily become demoralized – feeling isolated and unmotivated. To create a culture rooted in engagement and productivity, employees are looking for a sense of purpose and meaning in their work, which includes how they are personally contributing to the organization’s overall success.

Providing continual feedback – whether good or constructive – will illustrate the value your company places in its employees and your commitment to their career progression. At the start and completion of a particular project (or each quarter), devise a list that outlines the potential advantages and subsequent outcomes of the team’s efforts.

Demonstrating the internal and external benefits that transpire from your staff’s hard work is a great way to boost morale, foster loyalty and increase retention rates. Here’s how to optimize the efficacy of your remote employee performance reviews.

Effective remote team performance reviews

Provide Opportunities for Workers to Continually Raise the Bar

"In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic."
- Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Framing a culture where employees feel like their potential is limitless is fundamental in fulfilling your business goals year over year. To do this successfully, you need to uncover how each employee’s professional and personal aspirations align with the company’s overall mission and speak specifically to those goals.

This will breed an environment that naturally encourages employees to thrive and produce high-quality work. Consider some of the following key ingredients when striving to build this type of ecosystem in a remote setting – Is there autonomy? Are there opportunities to develop new skills? Do employees feel supported and respected by colleagues and their superiors?

Utilize Best Practices to Conduct Remote Performance Reviews

The way you approach performance reviews with your remote employees can truly make an impact on how effective they are. There are three key practices to employ when holding a virtual review meeting.

1. Exercise Transparency & Be Clear on Expectations Every remote employee performance review should kick-off in a similar fashion by simply stating the purpose of the review. If there have been procedural changes or the conversation will specifically cover a certain topic – like compensation or sales metrics – it’s pivotal to lay the foundation for what you’ll be discussing.

2. Reflect on Opportunities for Improvement, Growth & Learning Today’s leading brands have a thread of commonality that binds them together: they place an emphasis on long-term strategies. During your review, ensure you’re providing your team with the information needed to adopt the same future-oriented mindset. Recognize and reward achievements, discuss challenges faced and frame the conversation in a manner that encourages employees to voice their ideas and concerns.

3. Don’t Forget to Always Use Video After the pandemic hit, a bulk of our communication transitioned over to non-verbal outlets, using platforms like Slack, Skype and email. Always have your cameras on during performance reviews. In theory, it may sound trivial, but in reality, seeing employees face-to-face creates more personalization. Leaders and employees are furnished with the opportunity to gauge each other’s body language, reactions and expressions – elements that can easily be misconstrued without video.

Set Your Company Up for Success

Embracing transparency during remote employee performance reviews will help nurture relationships built on trust, translating into increased productivity and engagement. Always take a moment to reiterate core values and highlight behaviors that fuel optimal outcomes. Establishing concrete and well-defined goals infuses employees with a sense of purpose while opening the gateway for discussions surrounding adjustments and improvements that can be made to drive better results.

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