Today`s Competitive Job Market: How to Hire for Top Roles

The pandemic and Great Resignation have created unique challenges in today’s hiring market. In order to attract the best talent to your job openings, you need data-driven solutions to get the right perspective on how to attract and retain top resources.

Recognizing Post-Pandemic Shifts

The hiring market is the most competitive in years. Between the increasingly complex digital workplaces, employee attrition due to increasing and earlier retirement, and employee turnover due to the Great Resignation, organizations are tasked with finding talent with the skills they need, in a pool of rapidly decreasing size.

The pandemic shifted the way we work globally, and made certain shifts necessary due to lack of childcare, need for flexibility, and desire for safe working environments and strong workplace culture. Many job qualifications and skills are transferable to freelance work which gained momentum like never before. Workers are gaining momentum in their own coaching, consulting, and project-based businesses without facing some of the challenges they are returning to in the workplace.

How to Hire in Today’s Market

According to a recent analysis from LinkedIn, hiring in 2022 takes a holistic approach and the right strategy to set your organization apart when it comes to appealing to top talent.

Developing an environment where your organization can successfully execute long-term and project-based roles by attracting, retaining, and growing your talent takes a broader approach with more flexible solutions. The talent pool looking for work in today’s market is looking for some specific things that can be addressed in a variety of ways.

Capitalize on Potential

Meet skill gaps with coaching and employee development opportunities. This builds individual success and satisfaction while saving your organization time and money in recruiting more new hires when you have the raw talent available ready in-house to develop their skills.

Compensation and Benefits

Beyond competitive pay and good insurance plans, consider other benefits that will increase the satisfaction of your hires: Continued education and training, opportunities, health and wellness incentives, flexibility, recognition programs, and more!

Established Reputation of Healthy Employee Culture

We tend to look to others when we are making decisions. When other employees begin leaving, especially new hires who haven't developed relationships, are likely to follow suit. When hiring talent, showcase the mission and vision of your organization, and find ways to create engagement and satisfaction across the board.

Hiring the right talent for the job requires experts who understand the long-term value of finding and placing the right person in the perfect position. When hiring managers need support to ensure successful matches, they partner with resource solution providers that come with proven strategies and success records to help them:

  • Innovate hiring strategies
  • Cultivate strong employee culture
  • Embrace flexibility and resiliency
  • Encourage connections and relationship building
  • Set employees up for measurable success and satisfaction

If you are ready to partner with MercuryHub to provide your organization with the individualized support you need for staffing success, contact us today to unlock access to tailored resource solutions.

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