How to Successfully Integrate Outsourced Resources Into Your Team

Due to the financial benefits, flexibility, and ability to leverage highly-skilled personnel, many organizations have augmented their hiring strategy to outsource more contract workers. The important piece of the staff augmentation equation lies in properly onboarding contract workers. By doing so, your company will be able to establish a solid foundation and integrate outsourced resources at an optimal level. To help, we’ve crafted this quick guide on how to conduct the onboarding process effectively.

Adding Contract Workers To Your Team

While there’s always a plethora of paperwork involved when you first get the ball rolling, to truly boost the efficacy of your onboarding process, you need to look beyond forms and compliance measures. For example, how do you plan on integrating contract workers into your company culture? After all, if you are seeking to establish a successful, long-term partnership, you’ll want your outsourced team to be aligned with your company’s vision, values, and goals.

Staffing Integration for Internal and External Employees

So, where should you begin? Here are a few ideas:

1. Be Sure the Job is Clear

When you are first bringing on a new resource, provide the job description or process documentation for the roles you need filled. This will help the vendor providing the resources be clear on the skills and scope of responsibility. Don’t have these items in place? No problem! The supplier should be able to help you get a job description written and their resource should be able to include developing process documentation as an early deliverable under their scope.

2. Get Them Acclimated

A large facet of executing a seamless transition lies in making the right introductions. Think about it: would you bring on a new employee and encourage them to "get started" as soon as they walk in the door on their first day? They’d be like a deer in headlights. The same applies for adding contract workers to your team. Arrange an in-person meeting or video conference call to introduce outsourced staff to the individuals they’ll be working with.

When you invest some time in allowing contractors to get acquainted with those they’ll be closely collaborating with, it’ll help ensure workflow is carried out seamlessly – with minimal interruption to productivity. In the same vein, they also need to know their deliverables, what’s expected of them, who to report to and who are good resources to access important information on the work they will perform.

3. Access Is Readily Available

In order for your outsourced team to thrive, they’ll need access to internal software, programs, valuable materials, and any information that has an impact on their productivity and performance. Before contract workers begin their first day, make sure you’ve granted them access to the tools and resources they need to complete their work, like training materials, workflow documentation, email log-ins, etc.

4. Leverage Communication Channels

Even the most seasoned and specialized contractors will have questions here and there when they first get started. To avoid any hiccups, establish a clear line of communication for them to reach out as needed. Employee engagement software or channels like Teams and ZOOM, are an effective way to bring team members together and ensure things like project updates are being shared with all appropriate parties. Exercising transparency and making sure management is available to respond to questions in a timely manner is essential.

Staff Augmentation and Onboarding Best Practices

Outsourcing contract workers can help fill coverage gaps, drive company growth, and provide the specialized skill sets needed for implementations or time sensitive projects. In order to reap the benefits, however, your company needs to adequately onboard outsourced resources so they are properly integrated into your team. Otherwise, you could run into challenges – both financially and organizationally, which will inhibit the optimization of your augmented staff model. For more information regarding staff augmentation, please visit us at

Integrating outsourced resources quick start guide

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