How to Leverage Contract Resources to Quickly Staff Up in a Hybrid Model

Nearly every industry has had to go through a radical remote workforce transformation this year. Some had already embraced the new and growing gig economy and remote culture. Others were still focused on in-house employment and traditional staffing methods. Regardless of prior models, moving forward, all companies are left to consider long-term staffing and resource solutions.

With emerging technological advances and shifting contract work, the ability to be flexible in staffing allows companies to shift as resources require. The emerging “hybrid workforce” model is beginning to gain traction and acceptance. A hybrid model involves having a core group of full-time employees that handle the everyday business essentials. This may include new business development, project management, client interaction, and other functional services. In addition, a flexible team of subject matter experts are brought in to work on projects as needs and client needs change and grow.

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Why Engage in a Hybrid Model

1. Scalability

A hybrid staffing model allows an organization to grow and scale based on changing company needs. Whether that direction is up or down, by engaging in more contracted work, companies are able to save on overhead costs. Among the cost savings, employee benefits including insurance, retirement, and tax liability help contribute to lower fixed prices on an ongoing basis. This in turn allows for less fixed priced costs to be passed on to clients or consumers as a more price competitive product or service.

2. Expertise

Most hybrid agencies, those that provide long-term staffing solutions, have a wide breath of talented and experienced individuals ready to deploy into long-term or project based roles. While internal teams may have sufficient expertise in their respective positions, having subject matter experts on hand who can join projects at short notice is ideal. Candidates from resource solutions providers, like MercuryHub, also come with guaranteed capabilities and a quick hiring process. They often specialize in such positions as project management, marketing, sales, IT, or any other particular fields.

3. Team Consultations

In addition to the expertise provided by the contract employee, it is important to note that they are also an extension of a larger project-based team. They may know additional resources that can brought into the project in a consultative manner.

4. Flexibility

Working with a project-based, on-demand specialist offers a company total flexibility in the contract length. This keeps price down and allows the project to grow and decrease as needed eventually coming to a natural conclusion. Should the resource need to be brought on for future projects or should the contract length need to be extended, both the company and agency can work together to create a well-managed project timetable that benefits all involved.

5. Time Management

The hiring process is a rigorous and time-consuming one. Traditionally, HR departments must conduct rigorous interviews, an extensive onboarding process, and ensure employees are well-trained and integrating well into the team. Even then, there are no guarantees the relationship will last. Hybrid resource agencies take away this risk from the organization. A proper staffing partner will provide a tailored screening, internal onboarding, and managed development process to ensure the right fit.

How to Shift to a Hybrid Model

Whether you are looking for flexible, project-based staffing or long-term staffing to fill a role, the most important step is to determine your exact employment needs. Similar to creating position requirements for hiring, seeking a contracted employee will involve a hiring process. However, the hiring and interview process will be conducted for you by the hybrid staffing agency ensuring your requirements are met both in terms of budget and demand.

At MercuryHub, our hybrid resource solutions process targets, engages, and qualifies experienced talent for your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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