How to Staff Your Business for Growth

Employees are the key to success for every business in every industry. It should go without saying that businesses could not flourish without the help of workers. New software, consulting services, and other tools used to expand the success of your company mean nothing without capable people. You need a team that will be able to take the reins and drive your vision down the path of growth. Not every team leader knows how to do that, which is why it is good to have a strategy in place when you are picking your staff. Here are four key parts of a business growth strategy that we’ve found have proven results.

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1. Diversify Skill Sets

The problem some company owners have is that they only hire employees that do the thing that their company does. An example of this is a staffing industry only hiring individuals with recruiting expertise. While recruiting is the main aspect of the business, you still want to hire people who can grow into other roles and have at least some experience in areas like accounting, IT, and marketing. As your business grows, your team should, too, and that means expanding roles based on diverse skill sets.

2. Have a Team from All Walks of Life

Having people of all different genders, races, ages, and more on your team automatically benefits your company. You can benefit by having different views and opinions to help shape the business for the better. We live in a country that is a cultural melting pot and having a team that reflects that is everything that’s great about having a business in the United States.

3. Prioritize Passion and Values

While you are looking to put together your team, make sure you’re bringing people in that share the same values as you. While having different opinions is also imperative, you want to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Essentially, you want to make sure you’re bringing in people who are excited about what your company does. A team that is excited about a company’s mission takes personal pride in its work and helping customers.

4. Reward Accomplishments

Morale is incredibly important to maintaining the success of your business. When you are not rewarding your staff, confidence and office morale sink. When this happens, people become less motivated and excited to do the work they are there for. By celebrating their accomplishments and rewarding their successes, you are driving your staff towards growth.

Celebrate your staff during employee holidays like Administrative Assistant Day. Have congratulatory cupcakes brought in after closing large deals. Offer incentive gift cards to show your employees you recognize the good work they do (and increase revenue). Even something as small as providing bagels one morning every week is enough to have people enjoy where they’re working.

Staffing Done Right

When starting a company, you want your business to be successful. Employees help you get to that goal. By staffing your business with growth in mind, you will find that this simple strategy alone will lead you to the profits that you want to see. For help in staffing your business, MercuryHub is here for you. We offer both internal and consultative staff solutions that you will need when it comes to staffing your team to succeed.

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