Keeping your Staff Satisfied in the Face of Competing Job Offers

Wellness, mental health, flexible and hybrid work models, satisfaction, and impact are non-negotiables for employees in today’s workforce - and the name of the game for employers who want to keep top talent is adaptability. Businesses can no longer lean on the “That’s the way it’s always been done” mentality when, through the ongoing Great Resignation and war-for-talent, the businesses that are thriving are the businesses that can embrace these changes, make adjustments to their company culture, and take action to keep their employees satisfied while attracting more of the top talent than their competitors as they adapt to the post-pandemic workplace climate.

Winning the Talent Wars

In November, the American resignation numbers reached a record 4.5 million. It is telling that during the middle of the expensive holiday season, people were leaving their positions even in the highest-paid sectors. It’s been reported that large numbers of employees left without a backup plan, but they weren’t all leaving to work from home or hit up the unemployment lines; many left to pursue what they perceived as better offers from competitors.

Businesses who want to prevent their top talent from taking another offer are starting to listen, and are walking back their long-held business models to appeal to their employees and attract and recruit talent that will want to stay.

There are a lot of ways to approach this, but here are some standouts:

1-Let your Culture Speak for You

Embracing the diverse needs of employees and finding ways to come together towards a common goal is the first step in healthy work culture. Next is offering support and resources when it comes to health wellness, and preventing burnout or losing passion. And lastly, there is no one-size-fits-all model anymore. Businesses that traditionally couldn’t fathom working remotely are now demanding it. A flexible and evolving culture that meets the day-to-day needs and priorities of your employees will make them want to stay more than a great salary will.

2-Reconsider the Benefits

Companies like Target and Walmart offer free college tuition for their workers. Though it can’t be all about the money, many companies are providing sizable sign-on bonuses and higher wages to attract and retain people. In-house and online education and professional development opportunities give your employees the chance to upscale their skills, which leads to personal satisfaction and can bode well for the legacy of an organization helping to build its own passionate and highly skilled workforce.

3-Partner with Staffing Experts to Stay Ahead of the Game

MercuryHub offers proven solutions for companies looking to hire and retain highly qualified long-term staff. Our 6 point process provides the support you and your resources hired through our need to thrive. By offering tailored services to the businesses we partner with and the hires we connect you with, your resources will grow with you and drive business returns based on on-the-ground experience.

For more information about how we improve business operations for our clients through business process documentation, continuity planning, improved training materials, or process improvement recommendations contact us today.

And stay tuned for regular insights about the changing landscape of the workplace on our MercuryHub blog.

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