The Benefits of Re-staffing with External Resources

As companies start to find their revenues returning, customer demands increasing, and budgets rising to pre-COVID levels, they are also finding that they need to re-staff positions that were either furloughed or put on hold as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the current remote-first working environment presents unique challenges that make the re-staffing process more difficult in many ways than it previously was. Companies are finding that utilizing external staffing resources is now the fastest and easiest way to fill positions, even for long-term roles. Below, we explore several of the benefits of leveraging an external resources provider like MercuryHub for re-staffing positions.

Streamlined Recruiting & Vetting

For companies not used to recruiting and hiring remotely, today’s landscape of phone screens, video calls, culture fit evaluation, and remote training can be overwhelming. Many HR departments and hiring teams simply aren’t setup to properly shepherd candidate pools through the hiring process remotely. Many external staffing firms, on the other hand, have been finding, vetting, and training resources remotely for many years. External resource staffing firms also streamline the process for hiring teams by bringing only qualified, best-fit candidates so that internal teams already overworked by COVID-19 fallout can spend less time evaluating candidates and more time on business-critical work. For example, at MercuryHub all of our professional resources are evaluated by multiple experienced team members across a minimum of two interviews and culture/personality fit tests and background checks before they are presented to clients for consideration. Compare this to the normal process where clients must weed through a hundred or more resumes and perform dozens of phone screens just to get a decent candidate pool.

Flexible Employment Terms

Even though business is slowly returning to pre-COVID levels in some industries, there is still a large amount of uncertainty in the market. Companies that had to furlough or lay off workers in the first half of 2020 are rightfully hesitant to re-staff positions using solely full-time employees. Given the current economic uncertainty, in many cases it makes more sense to re-staff with external resources on near-term or project-limited contracts until the COVID situation resolves itself and companies can be sure of their future revenues and budgets. Professional resource staffing firms like MercuryHub provide flexible options for re-staffing to meet immediate business demand without the risk of having to layoff staff. If you only need resources for a specific project or need to limit staff costs to a single quarter, external resources are a perfect fit. Additionally, many companies find that these initially limited terms provide an excellent chance to evaluate how their business has changed and test resources "on the job" to determine if there is a need to extend these terms to long-term work.

Fit for New Working Styles

While some states are now reopening and bringing employees back to the office, others are planning to wait until 2021, or even indefinitely, to bring employees back. In the interim, teams and new employees have had to adjust to new working styles dominated by remote work with more limited oversight and team interaction than before. New employees not used to these constraints and expectations can have trouble integrating into your team. However, we have found that external professional resources are more likely to work well in today’s remote-first working environment due to a self-starter attitude and necessary flexibility working for clients over time. Additionally, part of the professional resource staffing process is vetting resources for aptitude and fit to current working environments, client culture, and business needs. For example, at MercuryHub we use a combination of tailored interview questions and test assignments to make sure that resources will not only be efficient and effective while working from home, but will also be able to integrate quickly into in-person client teams when they transition back to offices.

Work Quality Guarantees

One of the biggest challenges in re-staffing positions is facing the risk that the person being hired might not be the best fit for a role, effectively wasting all the time spent finding and training the individual. This problem is compounded when companies find themselves needing to re-staff quickly to meet resurgent market demand. This is a situation where external resources are an ideal solution for two reasons. First is that external resources are pre-vetted for competence, experience, and fit, often to a higher degree than non-external resources. This significantly reduces the chance of poor outcomes for re-staffing. Second is that external resources are backed by a professional team to not only help them succeed, but also potentially replace them if needed. At MercuryHub, our executive team is extremely involved in ongoing culture fit assurance, training, and mentoring in addition to offering a strong issue escalation path to every client. This allows us to offer our professional resource quality guarantees so that our clients know they are going to get high-quality work outputs from day one.

How to Leverage External Resources

As your staffing needs change and new or existing roles open up, consider utilizing external resources to fill professional staff needs. Regardless of how you choose to fill roles, we recommend that companies always consider:

  • Detailed role requirements, including how long the role will be needed. There is little need to hire FTEs for many roles that will be in flux a year from now
  • Accurate self-assessment of the company and team culture and expectations. Lack of culture fit is often tied back to misunderstanding of what the culture actually is
  • How much each role really needs to be in the office vs. remote. Many of our clients find they can realize cost savings with no loss in performance via remote roles

MercuryHub™ is here to help companies of all sizes re-staff quickly with professional resources fitting many different roles. Contact our team today at

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