Our Process

A Proven Approach to Delivering Resource Solutions
Staffing Solutions Process

A Quality-Oriented Process.

Built from the ground up to make every engagement successful.


First, we gain an in-depth understanding of your goals, organization, personalities, and expectations.

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Tailored Screening.

Next, we perform rigorous assessments to determine role fit for skills, experience, career goals, and culture.

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Internal Onboarding.

We first spend time to internally onboard resources and prep them for the role, organization, and expectations.

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Client Onboarding.

Then we spend time to onboard resources with your team and ensure they roll on smoothly and deliver value from day one.

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Managed Development.

We continually provide oversight to ensure resources are not just performing, but also growing in their roles.

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Ongoing Service.

Finally, we we make sure our reources are constantly looking for opportunities to deliver beyond the basic scope of work.

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Project Management Staffing Process - Understanding


Understanding exactly what our clients need is the first key to a successful engagement. Proper knowledge of the business environment, goals, and expectations lets us select the perfect resource for every role or project and sets the stage for the rest of the engagement, whether it be one resource or a ten-person team.

To gain a full understanding of what our clients need, we start with an in-depth discussion to define the specifics of the role, the organization structure, company culture, and long-term goals that define success. We augment this with check-ins to make sure our understanding is correct and develop a relationship of trust and dedication to quality.

Tailored Screening

Screening our resources to find the perfect match for a given role is a mandatory step to ensure we are meeting all the needs of a client. We strive to find the best resources with holistic fit criteria instead of just looking for basic skill and experience fit.

Our screening process starts with looking for the right combination of skills and experience, but extends to include type of work, industry, and company size relevance. We then bolster with additional screening for personality, culture comfort, career goals, and team fit to make sure that we have exactly the right person for every role, regardless of duration.

Contracts Management Staffing Process - Screening
Finance Staffing Process - Internal Onboarding

Internal Onboarding

Onboarding internally is critical to ensuring that resources are completely up to speed on all aspects of the role long before they start working with client personnel. This step gives us the chance to apply our own internal onboarding and training process to make sure every team member is both comfortable with and familiar with client expectations and needs.

We take a multi-step approach to onboarding, starting with intensive training to fill any knowledge gaps, followed by bringing resources up to speed on client culture, structure, and goals. At the end of our onboarding process, resources are not only ready to provide value from day one, but are also well-versed in the language and needs of the client.

Client Onboarding

Client onboarding is a streamlined step designed to get resources up to speed quickly at the client site. We typically utilize a "warm handoff" approach combined with client training materials and a rapid ramp-up timeline to ensure resources are well-prepared and well-received to start work quickly.

This step typically involves first evaluating on-boarding resources available from the client and supplementing them with our own in-house knowledge additions. We then guide resources through client introductions, work hand-overs, and check-ins to get them immersed in the client culture and quickly integrated into teams.

Strategic Staffing Process - Client Onboarding
Marketing Staffing Process - Managed Development

Managed Development

We want all of our resources to not just thrive, but also grow along with our clients. This ensures that we continue to provide competent and engaged individuals and teams throughout the lifecycle of our engagement. This requires that we actively manage the personal and career development of all our team members through a hands-on approach.

Managed development involves a combination of activities to keep our resources performing at the highest level. We treat all our resources as valuable team members and hold regular check-ins, goal-setting meetings, and performance reviews as well as team and skill building activities. Additionally, every resource is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to client success, from providing an escalation point to providing additional services.

Ongoing Service

"Resource Solutions" doesn't just mean providing individuals or teams to fill specific roles. It means focusing on client value and providing both people and services that go above and beyond expectations. We take pride in building deliverables, processes, and recommendations that drive business returns based on on-the-ground experience.

Ongoing service means we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve business operations for our clients. This often takes the form of business process documentation, continuity planning, improved training materials, or process improvement recommendations. Every client is different and we aim to tailor services to specific client needs.

Communications Staffing Process - Ongoing Service
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